About Shay

Shay Arthur grew up in Sulphur Springs, Texas and graduated from Christ For the Nations Institute and Iris Ministries. She currently serves on staff at Iris Ministries in Pemba, Mozambique.

She has traveled to and ministered in South Africa, Mozambique, Thailand, India, and The Philippine Islands.

When she isn’t on the mission field, Shay enjoys photography, journaling in coffee shops, and at night she becomes a ninja.

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Drop the bat. Pick up a feather.

When it comes to myself, I have the tendency to have standards the size of Mt. Everest. In some ways this is an amazing thing, but when it comes to grace and loving myself well, it usually doesn’t play out successful. These standards that I have placed on myself seem...

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Pull Up Your Own Chair

Growing up in the church, it was instilled in me to love others well as we are all called to serve. I honestly loved to help; however, Jesus’ model of transforming the world around us is to love God with everything we have and then love our neighbor the way we love...

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Many have asked about how I rest after a big trip. So I did my best to formulate my heart in words and share. I am learning after this trip that resting can never be put in a formula and there is so much to be learned in resting. So many times after major events in my...

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