Shay Arthur grew up in Sulphur Springs, Texas and graduated from Christ For the Nations Institute and Iris Ministries. She currently serves on staff at Iris Ministries in Pemba, Mozambique.

She has traveled to and ministered in South Africa, Mozambique, Thailand, India, and The Philippine Islands.

When she isn’t on the mission field, Shay enjoys photography, journaling in coffee shops, and at night she becomes a ninja.

– A word from Shay –

How do I write about myself?

I am just a small town girl with a heart that carries the nations.

I was the girl that my family and friends thought would never leave home. They were almost right, as the nations have become my home now.

I find home to be anywhere I am.

God captured my heart at the age of 19. When I gave my life to the Lord, I truly meant it with every ounce of me. I let go of what I thought life would be in exchange for an adventure of a lifetime with Him.

My whole world was turned upside down. No longer was my life something to just “live through.” God planted me on this earth for a purpose, and I was called to thrive in all that He had for me.

I’m a simple girl with a huge heart that is usually worn on my sleeve. Those that are close to me know that I love people and that relationships matter to me. I have such a heart to see people walking in the fullness of God for their life. I have found that my greatest moments in this life came when I was serving others.

People are the greatest thing to invest into. People are the tool God has chosen to use. God placed eternity inside of hearts so when we are sowing into what was placed in someone you can’t make a bad investment. I desire to be an example of what a healthy relationship looks like in a world that doesn’t understand what vulnerability is. We spend much of our time hiding what is really going on in our lives. Vulnerability is the currency of having healthy relationships. It’s costly but it pays off to show others who you are; good bad and ugly. I want to live in such a way that nothing is hidden and I walk in the identity Christ has given me.

As I travel around the world, I see many more people that I want to meet, and to call family

I want to live a life so full of purpose and passion that people want to meet my best friend and my joy, Jesus!

Adventures can become costly, but they bring so much joy when you’re walking in His life!

Bottom line: I want to love people back to life!