This is where the miracles come into fruition.

Many ask if I get paid to do what I do?

There really isn’t an easy way to explain this but the quick answer is “no”.

I have the opportunity to serve the Lord in a missional way all over the world. I would be called a missionary but i also believe that the person reading this is also called a missionary. We are all called to “go” in what ever capacity that looks like in your life. You may see your life as a mundane, routine event but I guarantee you if you were to change your perspective into a missional one that you would flourish and you wouldn’t see your life as boring no longer. We are all called to share and be His hands and feet. Mine just looks like packing up my life into suitcases and catching flights and praying for layover flights to not be delayed. My “going” looks like the adventurous version but it comes with a cost. I have the pleasure of seeing many places, the good the dark, and the ugly. I also have the opportunity to show up and practically be The Lord’s servant. I have done many outreaches in the “bush-bush” of Mozambique. I have done Red Light District Ministry in Thailand and India. I have served in hospitals and houses for the dying. I have been able to a lot of children’s ministry in many places. I meet amazing people and see people who are in need in many ways. The best things I can ever offer them is Jesus! Sometimes that comes through by creating a relationship or a one time encounter. It is very practical and spiritual, as I believe those two cannot be separate. This is the same in your life, it just looks different in my life. I don’t get paid to do any of this in the ways that are known here. I trust that every step that I take is going to be provided for as Jesus uses people. I don’t like to ask for money but rather I love to give people opportunity to invest into the Kingdom of Heaven through my little life.

Through this you can donate as a one time gift. No amount is to little to be used. Keep in mind that the American dollar goes a long way in other places. I am blessed by how ever much you feel lead to give!

You can also give monthly. You have the opportunity to set up a Paypal that will automatically send your desired amount to my account monthly. This is a great way to set up and not worry about it every month. This is a huge blessing for me, as it allows me to know an exact amount I can have monthly so that I can budget and prepare for future flights and etc.

The best support you can ever give to me is your prayers. As I step into the grace on my life to go overseas it also comes with a lot of emotions and practical needs. God always has my back covered but please pray for my family. It is not always the easiest to be gone from them and vice versa. To have people praying for them as well as myself would mean the world to me.

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