Do me a favor before you continue reading this. Close your eyes and imagine yourself and I at a coffee shop. We are sitting at a table sipping on the best lattes that you could imagine. Heck, I will even throw in a few snacks..its on me, you get to chose. 

It seems like it was just yesterday that we caught up. Where has time gone? Here we are again! So much to share and not a lot of time to do it, due to life demanding us to be on schedule. That sparks me to think of the days in Africa that I had no set schedule. Oh wow, to live in the simplicity of not having life tug you in “this and that” direction. I begin to explain to you that there are clocks and people have meetings just like here. I know in your mind you picture somewhere that time has no definition and there isn’t any reason to care about time because there is nothing to do and they probably look at the sun to tell the time. Well as much as they don’t have a lot to do there compared to the states, there is plenty of love to be apart of. I will explain that it isn’t what you think. They have places to eat and there is a beach across the street. I will explain that as students we had meetings to attend and school gatherings to be at. So as much as time felt non-existent it was very real. It was just called “Africa Time”. Meaning, it says it will start at 2pm but that doesn’t mean it will start at that specific time. It more like a “we hope to start at 2pm”. Its not that time isn’t real, its just that its more “relaxed” in the way its viewed. I will smile and then be prompted to ask you how you are doing…? and you will fill in the gaps here…

Wow! That is so amazing! I can’t believe all this has happened in such a short time! It never seems to go fast until you look back and then it feels like its a time warp. I’m just so happy that we are connected! I love how God will just place people in my life to just love life with. Regardless of distance or closeness it never gets old to meet up with friends and family! Man just sharing and hearing makes me smile! So many times I think to my self “If I could, I would totally clone myself, so that I could be with everyone I love and also do what I love to do.” Oh that would just be so cool. If you could have any “super power” what would it be? I think if I can’t clone myself, I would totally want to benefit from everyone else’s workout without having to do it myself! How amazing would that be! Haha! I crack myself up! We laugh, as people look at us and secretly wish they were apart of our conversation. 

Gosh, can I just tell you, I think this is going to be one of the best years for you. I just seeing you standing and believing for so much to happen in your life and family. Its like you are this palm tree, palm tress don’t break even in the most horrific winds, they bend but don’t break! That is you! You have been refusing to give into discouragement and hopelessness. I just see God paving the way before you. He wants you to know that He sees you and your tenacity. He is going to honor it in this season of your life. It may not come as you think but it is happening right before you. Keep your eyes peeled and don’t give into what is being thrown at you. You have been plowing the field and He is going to bring showers of rain to water it. Wow!  Lord I pray a blessing over your child, that I get the honor of sharing life with! Who are we that you would be mindful of us? We are small little children serving a huge faithful God. I am so grateful Lord that you are always up to great things. You are good even when we don’t understand or even misinterpret what you are doing. You are GOOD! Lord I pray that you would pave the way before your son/daughter and that from here on out their testimony would be your GOODNESS! More of you Lord in their life! May they be your hands and feet in this hurting world! Wash over them and refresh them as they stand to see your goodness here and now in the land of the living! May it be done according to them as your word says! I will sigh and then smile really big and say yes and amen!!

We won’t know where to go from here because after these moments transitions are not always easy but always fun! 😉 We look at our phones and see that life has blown them up and we chuckle. We then probably look at them again because we aren’t wearing watches. Oh where has the time gone? Here we are again saying “see you next time”. We hug and hold back from saying “bye” because we have every intention on seeing each other again. Followed by another hug because we just love hugging, well at least I do. We smile and sigh as we walk out the door to our cars. 

What a great time!

I will then run back in, because I forgot to use the restroom!