Many people ask me at times what is your life verse? So with some slight explaination here it is…


I used to sit in my room and pray for hours and even cry as a young girl that I could just love people well and that he would give me his heart of love to show people how that is supposed to work with the kingdom
I would cry over the scripture
He would lay down his life for his friend…
That’s my life verse
It’s always been in my heart and I have always been this person but for years due to hurt and misunderstanding I would only let it come out at certain times. Trying to tame the very thing I asked for and he gave me. Taming it and taming so that it could be controlled instead of being released as it should be… So I am back at it again! With no holding back!
Until this very day God doesn’t let me forget that it’s His heart I asked for and he gave it to me freely so freely I give from his heart with great delight and pleasure because I know it’s worship to Him and it’s really all Him I’m just the skin in which he chose to place it.