I stood in church as we sang the song ” O come all ye faithful”. As everyone was singing and raising their hands, I found myself pondering the above thought ” O come all ye faithless”. Although I have heard this song at least a hundred times. I found a word that seemed a little misplaced. As much as I love hearing the word “faithful” the truth is that Jesus didn’t come for the faithful he came for the faithless. He didn’t come for the “perfect person” he came for the broken, the sinner, the ones that have wrote Him off. He came for those that are in need even if they don’t see their need for Him. HE CAME FOR THEM..and when I say ‘them” I include myself. I am one of those. I at one time was a doubter. I was a sinner. I was broken. I relied on “mans” ways to attempt to give me satisfaction. I was faithless.

He came for one reason. He came to make the faithless, faithful. Not by our own works but by His work at the cross. It doesn’t matter what you have done or who are you or how bad you think you have messed up. He came for you, though you feel faithless, maybe you feel depressed, hopeless, lost and no place to go.. He came for you!

Christmas can be full of great memories and feelings. For some it can be full of not so great memories and feelings you want to forget somehow. I have been reminded at church (www.wateroflifecc.org) that Christmas is a time that our HOPE in Christ be renewed. It isn’t just a time to pray that you get everything on your wish list. It is a time for your HOPE is renewed. We many time talk about Faith, Love but what about the third party invovled? HOPE. Wthout hope you can’t really have faith. This time of year is always full of the thoughts of gifts, food, music, shopping, family, traveling, snow, trees, lights, ornaments. All these things are good fun things to do, but what better present to receive than HOPE this year? The scriptures say I am faithful even when you are faithless. He also says knock and the door will be open, seek and you will find, ask and it will be given. There is a balance, I am not saying ask for a million dollars because you can have all the money in the world and still be alone and broken and hopeless and even faithless. I am saying ask that God would renew your hope in His work at the cross. I am asking you really stop and revaluate where your hope is. Is it placed in earthly things? Is it placed in people? A spouse? A job? A bank account? I am asking you to ask the Lord to renew your HOPE in HIM! That is the only place it won’t get trampled on. Hope in the Lord doesn’t disappoint. It doesn’t. It may have times felt that way to you. The Word is the Word and it remains true. Hope in the Lord doesn’t disappoint.

This Christmas let your hope be renewed. He came for you. He came for me. His love doesn’t give up on us. We may give up on ourselves because we see our flaws and insecurities but He doesn’t. He came for you.


Come All Ye Faithless.

Come to Him.

and let him make you feel joyful and triumphant