On the other side of the “no” comes greatness that you couldn’t plan. There I was saying “no” to the thing that has been a resounding yes for years. I was left with such a deep peace on the inside but the outside wanted to run back to all the feelings that come with purposelessness and feeling like I was taking 10 steps back from the grace on my life to go. There was a war for my heart and my mind was the battlefield upon which it was being fought. Surrounding myself with truth speakers and life givers helped me get through the few days of sulking I wanted to go into. Yet looking back now I can see that the “no” I was getting was a “yes” to something else I couldn’t have planned or seen coming. The exposure of our heart is in the response to the no. See the no is really a yes to something you can’t see right now. There is something that God sees that you can’t see. He is working to make all things together for you good. When I obeyed the Lord and lay down to the plan I made in regards to staffing in Mozambique I didn’t realize that I was saying yes to something greater. I wanted to sulk and hibernate and dwell in the no. He didn’t give me the chance to so it seemed. The last 2 months of my life have been what I would have to say the craziest months of my life. It has been a constant on the edge of my seat as I watch Papa work out things I had given up on. In starting my life after the “no”, looking back was really a set up for a huge yes to Papa. I have had for many years a dream to start a nonprofit organization to immobilize teams to go into the mission fields taking their passions and the gifting and talents and use them for God’s glory. After all He is the giver of all those good things. Little did I know or fathom that this was the very thing God was working on by me saying “no”. In the last 2 months I began to work on how to start nonprofit organization and praying that God would connect me with people that could help steer me in the right directions. They began to flood as I responded with a yes in my heart to what God was doing. I just kept following Him even though I couldn’t really see what was going in my life. Step by step, daily living and loving who was in front of me all lead to an opportunity to become the Director of I AM a non-profit organization that has the same heart as mine, to take teams and much more. This opportunity came out of what I thought was left field but God told me this is why I told you that you had to follow me. I needed you here for this to happen. It was in that moment that I could fully release all the questions within my heart about laying down going back to Africa again. Such a tsunami of peace overwhelmed me and I began to weep in goodness because what seemed to be a no was really a yes to a greater assignment that I couldn’t have planned. It is a great honor to share this story with you. The adventures are all continuing and honestly I am jumping in with great faith and peace! This adventure is continuing rather quickly and I have an opportunity to head to visit Mozambique once again come mid-July. This trip seems to be last minute to the naked eye but God has told me that He is paving the way for me. There is a global team meeting happening and going there would allow me to connect and network with other ministries so that as a ministry we can hopefully take teams to even more places all over the earth. I would also be able to connect with students and share my heart for the ministry. I would as well join in bush trips and ministry times with the school I used to staff at. I am sharing for many reasons. First because I’m sure you have had a no moment and I want to encourage you to stay in and respond in a way that allows you to be prepared for the yes moment. Secondly, will you pray with and for me? I know walking into this new venture is going to come with many leaps of faith as well as great God moments for other to encounter Him and have a destiny transforming moment. Thirdly, would you consider partnering with me in the adventure for the Kingdom of God? I am needing roughly 2000$ to get to Mozambique and back for flights. I have everything I need as far as practical things (clothes and etc…). Also, in jumping into this adventure I will be raising money to live in the states and begin to build this non profit so that the bridge can be made for people to have an avenue to go!

Thank you for all you do seen and unseen,

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