When I wake up in the mornings I will lay in bed for bit depending upon the schedule for the day. I will listen to worship music and pray. This is my time to just be with Him, no agenda, just being with Him. I pray that He would fill me up for the that day. I ask for new bread for the day, that I would hear Him and He would give me eyes to see as He does. I come to Him empty, offering nothing but just a willing heart. I ask Him that He would empower me to look like He does and love like He does. I offer my life to Him daily. I know that He already owns this heart but I ask him to make more room in it for Himself. I ask for Him to use me however and whenever that looks likes. I desire to be a willing vessel at any cost for the Kingdom. 

Last week I spent Thursday with one of my dearest friends in San Diego. It was such a great day spent praying, laughing, encouraging each other in the Lord. We hung out a park that over looked San Diego and the ocean. She even spotted a whale. I don’t have those kind of eyes, as she has lived by the ocean for awhile so she can spot them far away! I squinted really hard and still never saw anything but my eyelashes blurred. We stirred each other up and spoke destiny and truth over each other, those kind of friends are priceless. As I left she prayed for me and my trip back home as it was late. I responded ” I am sure it will be a party with Him!”

As I drove towards home with my earphones in listening to music. Not paying attention to where I was just enjoying a relaxing drive. My phone rang, it was another one of my best friends, she was just getting off work. As we chatted I heard a noise that sounded like a rock hit the side of my car. It was such a noise that she even heard it through the phone. I didn’t feel anything strange at this point, but she warned me to pull over and check it. Keep in mind that I was at a place on the road that there was few and far between gas stations and even exits. I kept heading on the road as we prayed Lord let there be a gas station soon. As I saw an exit coming up, the car began to pull to the side. I knew at this point it had to be a tire that blew. I will be honest as I barely made it over the bridge to the gas station, I was saying “really… why now?” It was almost midnight and no one is really out driving where I was. I told my friend “ugh…really?” She was quick to help me get over myself in this moment. We need those people in our lives. Getting out and looking at the tire, it blew. I looked around thinking what do I do? I have a spare but I am not sure how to change it. Within my feeling inconvenienced I had such a peace. She was quick to remind me that God always takes care of me. Again, we need people like this in our lives. I let her go to walk into the store to see if the worker could help me. Before I was going to walk in I realized it was a woman and chances were slim for her to know how to help me. I looked over to the other side of the gas station and there were 2 cars being filled up. There were 5 guys chatting and prepping to go out and race their cars from the looks of it. I am no expert but based off the movie Fast and Furious, I knew what they were about to get into. I looked at them and waited for that open space I could attempt to politely intrude on their plans. I asked them ” is there a way I can bribe you all to help me change a blown out tire?” They all looked at me so kindly, smiled and said “of course.” Thank God. They walked over and took a look and we prepped to change the tire. We began to talk and they asked me questions starting with where I was from, due to the beautiful accent I have. Conversation went back and forth as we laughed at many things. In the midst of conversation they asked me what I did and I responded that I travel and do mission work. That lead into the fact that I had been in Africa and Thailand. They had many questions about that. I told them they were answer to prayer because if not for them I would be on youtube trying to use a video to show me how to change a tire. They laughed. I was serious. One of them, working on the tire and the little tool you use to get the lug nuts off and on wasn’t strong enough. The lug nuts were super tight, so the tool began to bend. After each of them tried to do it, we chose to stop and see if anyone had a cross bar we could use. At this point the rest of the “crew” had shown up. It was as if I was on the set of “Fast and Furious” and no one had this tool? Come on guys… Really? So I stopped in the middle of laughter and I prayed. I said “Lord you knew I need help to do this and you provided so now I you see that we need this tool and you must provide…” As I finished one the guys looked over to a parking lot next to us and saw a Triple A truck. I grabbed him and we walked over to find a worker sleeping. Without hesitation, I knocked and woke him up. Completely apologetic, I share with him the situation. He responds that He can’t help unless dispatched. I told him I don’t need your help exactly just your tool. He eagerly helped by finding the tool we needed in his truck and letting us use it. As we finished working on the tire and chatting about life and prayer we noticed someone getting pulled over. It was one of the guys brothers. We had seen many cops pass by the gas station. It didn’t shock me seeing that it looked like trouble was in the making. I just enjoyed feeling like I was a part yet not a part at all. As we cleaned up everything and took a picture together (this was my idea, not theirs just to clarify). One of them said to me, “What if this is God? What if this all happened because of God?” I looked at him with a smile but trying not to give away the fact that I was blown away by what He was asking. He said ” Lets face it, what we were heading to do was race. How many cops have we seen drive by? And who knows what could have happened to us.” He said “I’m pretty sure this was God some how.” I smiled so big and I responded to Him with ” I’m sure He is in this, He seems to always find His way to people He loves.” We all went our separate ways. They skidded off and burned out and I cautiously sputter off to head home.

I found myself crying on the way home. I couldn’t get over what just took place. Here I have been asking every day for God to use me no matter what and this is the moment He chose to use me. I was blown away. I had no idea I was being setup for a kingdom moment at a gas station in the middle of no where. When the tire blew I was asking God “really…now?”. By the time I was driving home, I was praising God with ” Really God … now was perfect!” It was such a perfect moment for them to see God’s hand of love towards them. What seem to be a interruption in my life was a divine interruption for them. Lord help me be quick to see that your in every detail even ones that may seem frustrating. 

We often pray that God will use no matter what and then in that moment, just like I did, we say “really… why now?” I couldn’t have planned that moment in time better. Every detail was God’s hand. People may say well did God cause your tire to blow? I would say who cares about the tire and how it happened. Don’t waste your thoughts on figuring out a God that is way bigger than you and embrace the fact that He brought a piece of His kingdom to Earth after mid night to young men that could only be found at that time at that gas station. He is just that GOOD! I spent the next hour driving 50 mph to get home but my time with Him was worth every moment. It is easy to pray and not stop to see that He is answering your prayers.

Your “un-timely” interruption just might be someone else’s “divine” interruption.