Many have asked about how I rest after a big trip. So I did my best to formulate my heart in words and share.

I am learning after this trip that resting can never be put in a formula and there is so much to be learned in resting. So many times after major events in my life, ministry or traveling, there is a choice that is presented to me. I can let myself go and binge on food and Netflix, sleeping all day and not caring of sorts. The other option is that I rest and I allow myself to sleep as my body seems to need it and I am purposeful to steward the fire that I have been walking in for the last amount of time. Stewarding rest with purpose or having stubborn rest that feeds my flesh. Please hear my heart. I am not saying that you can’t just sit on a couch and rest while watching tv. I am saying that even in resting we must partner with Holy Spirit. I have seen so many people have these amazing events and then come home and the fire goes out and they find themselves back in the mediocrity of life with no flame burning. This is not a slap in the face to anyone this is just something I am learning. I can have the tendency to just check out and watch 5 seasons of a show that I never even cared to see in the first place. I am saying that being exhausted is real and even that Holy Spirit can lead us into how to rest and steward what we just walked out. It would be so easy for me to just not care and throw everything to the wind and claim that I am resting. I will also get to the end of that and feel completely empty and dry because none of that is filling for my spirit I am not talking about making it about rules and regulations but I think I have so often taken the stance that I can do whatever I want for the sale of refueling but I end up hating how I spent it. I am learning to rest with intention and purpose. I have def watched Netflix and slept A LOT! I am learning to allow myself this with the balance of not letting myself go. I am learning to listen to my body and my spirit. I am learning to give myself grace and not make big decisions while I am coming back from the whirlwind. I am learning to go low and slow with myself and it is okay to expect to much out of myself for a week or so. I am learning to steward the fire I have been living in for the last few weeks and not allowing myself to think that it is over, because it isn’t. It is only growing and if I steward it well it won’t go out by my choices of feeding the flesh! I am so scared to even post this because I am scared that people will read into and think I am saying not to watch Netflix or sleep all day. I am not saying that. I am just saying it is a heart posture more than it is about what you do or don’t do while resting. I don’t want to live a life of ups and downs all the time, so I am learning to ride the waves. I am learning to be consistent in my walk with Jesus. It hasn’t been easy to walk my health journey while on the road. I would even go to say it seemed impossible! I am learning how to run the race of traveling a lot and eating the best I can while doing that. It is not a task for the faint of heart. In coming back, I have wrestled a lot with lies in regards to my health journey. I am working through them and living with purpose as I walk out clean eating and catching a rhythm of working out and finding that harmony of life with a routine and self-love again! Many have asked about how I rest when I get done with such events. I don’t have a formula. I make sure to get quality time with those I do life with and ask them how they are and they ask me as well, allowing me to process what I need to in that day. Every day I could process something different and it is good to have someone asking me frequently how I am doing and about the trip I just finished. I usually begin eating healthy again and eventually will start working out again. I am intentional with my quiet time with Jesus. I allow myself to sleep as my body needs to. I will watch videos from the event and look at pictures, that allows me to connect in fresh ways to all that God did! I will watch movies but I limit myself in this area because I tend to let myself go and spend to much time checking out when I should be balanced at checking in also. I call my family and check in and catch up. I will call those closest to me that don’t live in proximity to me and do my best to catch up. I journal a ton! this is my way of getting my heart out on paper. Some people write songs and sing, I write in my journal and I talk a lot.
I have realized that not every person is like me. I would even go to say there isn’t anyone like me! So you have to find your own rhythm and you get to walk the adventure of rest out with Holy Spirit. I just know that even in the midst of rest I don’t want to lose the flame that is burning so bright by letting my guard down allowing my flesh to have a hay day!