Risk:to venture upon; take or run the chance of: to risk a fall inclimbing; to risk a war.

Often time we think of Risk being in the future. As it is, I am learning that Risk is also the chance of staying where you are at. I sent out a text to many of my friends and I said define the word “risk”. For the ones that wrote back and for the most part all the answers were the same. risk is stepping out not knowing the outcome of the choice you make. Not knowing if you will either fail or succeed but one of the 2 will happen but stepping out none the less. Risk in itself is just the possibility of danger or exposure to danger itself… only the possibility. Risk is giving yourself to a vision or situation or a person with no promise of its safe-keeping or fulfillment.

I have been pondering the word “RISK” alot lately. I have spoken to many friends that are desiring change in their lives. When you hear the word change you pretty much also know that in that change comes risks. I have been chewing on a conversation I had many weeks ago with a dear friend of mine. We were out to dinner and began talking about change and risks. I am not sure how this came about in conversation but I know that I said one thing that I know is that you have to come to a place of realizing you can no longer remain where you are. The first part of realizing that change is coming is just that. Realizing that you cannot remain where you are and you cannot stay in the same mindsets as you are in now. 

I have seen in my own life that I often think of Risk as this thing in front of me. this choice I am going to have to make and yes that is part of it. I am starting to also see that risk  is also staying where you are at. You take a risk staying where you are. I keep thinking to myself ” If I stay here I am risking that as well”. 

I am posing this because I think alot of times we think of risk in the sense of something futuristic and for the most part I agree with you. I also have to pose that risk is greater than things to come but you also risk where you are right now. Can you risk staying where you are? you step out or you stay in. Either way it is a risk… you may say well not really staying where you are isn’t that big of a risk. I disagree with you in this.. just because it has always been and feel comfortable doesn’t mean that it isn’t a risk.

So I pose this question to you are you willing to risk to stay where you are at? Or is it time to step out..? Either way you choose it is a risk. Your comfort is not a factor in the risk game of life.