there is much I could write. Trust me I don’t lack for things to talk about. If you know me, you know this is truth. there are very few times where I am stumped for words. As well as a funny story about how I embarrassed myself, those aren’t rare for me. I really enjoy my life. I really am honored to live the Life I do. I find myself in this place of just resting. I am not over thinking anything. I am simply just being me. Many times I am trying to figure out the many questions that life brings me. I even make it sound spiritual “God what do you want? What is next? What are you speaking to me? Its not that I don’t believe that God is not teaching me anything. I know He is. It’s just not how I am used to learning. It’s not “Shay lets work on all this junk in you.” “Shay you are unhealthy in this area. Let me purge it.” I know what you might be thinking… “Shay you have really lost your senses. You are a sinner and you are in dire need of the Lord”. To that I would say “I Agree”. I am very aware of my weakness and failures. Trust me I LIVE with me. Though I like myself a lot and enjoy life I am very aware of the faults and insecurities of my own heart. I understand that my heart just like anyone else’s heart is deceitful above all else who can know it. I will be the first to say I have false images and ideas of what life should be. I will be the first to say my dependancy is upon the Lord of my Salvation. He is my keeper.

Now that I have explained let me continue on… 

It is as if the Lord is showing me that I spend a lot of time over analyzing my own life and my faults. I believe that He is stopping me in my tracks and actually letting me enjoy how far I have come. The saying comes to mind ” Stop and smell the roses.” Its as if I am walking on this path that at many times seems hard and rugged and at times it is as if I have no path before me, as if I am alone on this venture. Yet I come to this place that looks like an old, broken, and run down, rusted and completely ignored barn. I stop and immediately think to myself, “What happened here? What is this barn’s story? Who abandoned this place?” and I begin to ask the Lord all these questions.. and he simply responds to me “Shay “How are you seeing this right now?” I say “well I have 2 eyes. Lord. Really? You gave me these eyes to see with.” Ever so gently and with a slight chuckle the Lord responds to me by saying ” You see because I brought you here.” “Shay stop and look around and see that where you are isn’t all that bad as long as your realizing your only seeing what you see because I am showing it to you.” 

I realize more and more. I can get really focused on the path and forget that the Lord desires us to enjoy the things that are around us. After all He is the one that is allowing me to see what I am around. He brings me to places in life that He says “Stop, and look around and see how far you have come and how much you have grown. This one area that you saw as unhealthy is no longer unhealthy. Celebrate in the greatness of who I am!” Shay smile and enjoy that I have been true to you.” 

I am not sure where you are. Its probably none of my business. Why I choose to lay my business out there is only in hopes that it can encourage someone who reads this. Trust me I need God. He is my source of life. He is my everything! My prayer for myself and you is this: Lord defeat us with your goodness. Defeat me with your mercy and grace. Let me be lead of you in all things. You have my heart. I know I am a work in progress but I am thankful that along the way you desire to “selah” and stop, smell the roses. Lord let us show you thanksgiving for all that you have done! Reveal yourself to me. Your encouragement Lord speak loudly over me and where I am. I know that you use people to encourage but I want to say thank you for Lord for stopping me and encouraging me. I love living life with you and for you. May you be exalted in my life today! May you receive all the Glory for my life. I worship you!!!!