Do you remember in school wither it was college or high school, when you had to do a book report of some sort? I do, that moment when the report got assigned and everyone looked at each other and winked. It was like in one moment everyone had the same idea, Spark Notes. If your not too familiar, it is a website you can go to get reviews, summaries and etc. on different books and articles. There is much controversy over this website. Some professors see this as a cheating tool. 

I have been thinking about life a lot lately and I can’t help but say “Lord let my life be like Spark notes for people around me.” I obviously don’t mean this in the context of cheating..or do I? I don’t think that I can help anyone cheat in this life. I do think that people can learn from my life (mistakes, triumphs, and even trials). I desire for those around me to be able to learn from my life so that they don’t have to learn the hard things in the hard way I did. I think that we often learn from other people more than we do in a classroom. Our generation is all about the quick and mostly the easy way to get through things and fix things..convenience.. (fast food, credit cards so we don’t have to spend time counting, etc) I don’t know about you but I learn so much from the people around me. Listening has become something that I love to do and taking mental notes in my heart and head. 

So with this said I can only promise that you will get the real deal from me. That means the good, the bad, and the ugly about life. Life isn’t easy… but it was made to be lived through. I am passing through this life and will find rest in eternity with My Maker..till than I am here and I am making every moment count. I hope that you can use my life as sparks notes in your life to help you and if nothing else I hope you laugh at me…because trust me I laugh at myself all the time!