Writing about this I chuckle because I don’t think I have a full grasp on the totality of this word. I have glimpses and I can say that I feel like I’m living in it more and more as the days go by. I am growing. There are many ways I can share about this word and I to be honest sitting down to write I am still not sure how it will come out. I have spent most of my life desiring freedom. I am sure you can relate to me but when you walk into a place and you see someone who is free you just want what they have. Freedom is contagious. Often times we connect freedom with a “not caring” mindset. Well maybe not you but I have in the past. I see people not caring at all and think “wow I would love to be free like that.” This world defines freedom in a filter that has everything to do with “self”. We look forward to being 18 so that we can have the freedom of making our own choices outside of our legal consent from parental authorities. We then look forward to turning 21 years of age so that we can chose how we feel about alcohol. In this culture we are taught to seek making your own choices. We are shown by society to seek a life of freedom in the wrong direction.

I would liken freedom to a train. True freedom is not found in moving away from His image but only in living it out. A train is free only as it is on its tracks. A train that jumps the tracks is “free” of the rails but no longer free in the most important sense of the word-freedom. It’s a freed wreck that can’t go anywhere. “Free”, but no longer truly free.

As a follower of Christ His truth has set me free. (cue hand claps) I now have a choice that only Christ gives me. Christ gives me the grace to lay my life at His feet and take off all the pressure of perfection to live for my self. I am no longer a slave to this world rather I am a friend of God. Freedom in this aspect looks completely opposite to the world in which we dwell.

Freedom in Christ says take on my image, placing me first in your life in order to serve the ultimate cause. People coming to know Christ through your life and love for people.
One of the many differences is that in the world’s definition of freedom is that you become some what of your own “God” worshipping yourself with all the pleasures you desire and striving for all that the world would cause you to understand as a “great life”. The Kingdom kind of freedom draws you to jump into the river of grace. Grace to live for something bigger than yourself and for the cause of a greater good. It says to die to self gain because LOVE is greater than any personal glory. It makes it about others and not self.

True freedom understands that without rails for your train you will look “free” but the truth is that your not getting anywhere. True freedom says I need rails to guide me and pave my way. I need His spirit living in me to empower me to live in this world. I need His word to be the light upon my path. I need His love that never fails me or leaves me due the lack of true love the world offers. I am in need of Him living in me and through me. I am in need of a merciful and passionate God!!!

Freedom looks like Jesus!!!!