When I know I am leaving a place to head back to the states after traveling I mentally and emotionally prepare my heart. I position my heart open for anything that God has up His sleeves for me. I prepare my heart to transition back into a different atmosphere. This preparation comes in many different ways for me. which could be shared at a later time.

I would like to share about “The Golden Questions”.
When I return from being overseas, I always prepare mentally and in my heart for the gauntlet of questions that will soon follow the celebration of “hello” and “we missed you”.

With that stated I am going to post some of the “golden questions” I get. In sharing these questions and hopefully some explanation, I want to you to understand I left to go on this Adventure the last 8.5+ months with nothing in front of me or in my heart. No plans. No thoughts. Just what was right in front of me. Staffing a school in Pemba and whatever comes while I’m there was all that was in my mind. The Lord spoke to me to be present in the present. Don’t try to figure out what you cant even imagine. You won’t even recognize yourself when this is over so why would you plan based off where I have you right now. So there I was and have been doing since then, doing what was right in front of me with excellence. Doing my best by His grace to grow and be stretched and gain freedom like never before. I jumped all in to what I was doing. And here I am on the other side of that conversation and this last year.

“What now?”
I get this wherever I go. I get this from people regardless of how close they are. Typically I respond with ” Now I sleep and wash clothes”. This answer only pauses the question for enough time for me to try to wrap my brains around where I am, then it gets repeated until I respond. I love people because I am one to! I would be the same way as anyone that asks me these questions.
What now? Well currently I am in Playa Del Carmen with my family. This has been an essential trip for my family. Even though I have been gone overseas life still happens when I’m not here (shocking right?) My family has had a tough year while I was gone. Heart attack, surgeries and a surprising shock of a seizure all happened while I was gone. These things being serious but not outweighing all the great things that have happened. My nieces growing like crazy. Finding out that they are expecting a baby boy come March! My brother’s business doing very well to the Glory of God! There is so much more I could write to explain the goodness of my God. It was a tough year but His faithfulness to His word shines brighter because of it. I am enjoying this time with them and some rest time after going and going for this last season. I will head to Southern California to see my cali family and friends there. I call this home as it is where I have been the last 3 years when I have been stateside. I am sure it will come with lots of laughter and hang out time with people. Then I head to one of my favorite places in the world. I will be surrounded by nature and fresh air and mountains. I have desired a space to just be with The Lord and journal and process the last season. And have some fresh time with The Lord to get his heart for this year and what He has for me. Praying, Fasting and seeking in the mountains!!

“Will you go back and staff again?”
The best way to sum this question up is. I would love to. Lets see what God thinks. I know that I could and would love to go back. I need to know that this is what He has for me. I am open is the answer I am giving people 🙂

“What is in the future?”
I usually respond with ” I am no fortune cookie, I am asking the same questions to The Lord that you are asking me now” Not being mean, but to be honest I am at the will of my Father not my own plans.
So many things are burning in my heart right now. I can’t honestly tell you what it all looks like. I know that God has planted within me new dreams and places I would love to go and share His love for them. I have had ideas of doing a south east Asia trip and opening it up for people to join. I have also been burning to go into the himalayan mountain range and do outreach. He has given me amazing connections to do all the above but not sure when this could all be played out. I am not in control of my life but I live and love being in surrender to Him in all that.

These are just some of the things people ask. I know that it is in love and out of curiosity and i love people asking. Sometimes I just don’t have a 2 sentence structure of an answer to give anybody.

My questions to you: Could you pray for me? Pray that I would just be completely in surrender to His plans. I don’t want to do life based off emotions because they are fickle and my heart truly belongs to the heart of my Heavenly Father. It is my joy to do as He asks of me. There is nothing that compares to this. I have tasted and seen and I can’t return. I am forever wrecked by Him and for Him. Pray for me as He leads!

Thanks for you time and your prayers!!