Often times my life is a beautiful mix of both the known and unknown. I find that the minute I assume to know it all is also the time that I have limited God to be the same size as my measuring stick. There is such a grace to live in this beautiful contradiction of life for myself. I honestly don’t know any other way to live. In South Africa, I would hear the phrase ” same same, but different”. I think that it is very applicable to our lives with Christ. We are all called to live with this mixture of known and unknown yet it all plays out differently in our lives practically.

In our minds details usually equal peace in our hearts, yet our greatest wrestle is to find peace when we are caught in the unknown. If we chose to embrace the mystery of God in our lives we have to learn that peace can be had even in the unknown details of our lives. To embrace this is to embrace growth. We grow the most in the places of stretching and tension. Like an athlete, one must embrace the tension of going beyond what your used to and allow yourself to be pushed to the max so that you can reach new places that you never saw attainable.
I can see small details of the known being placed together as I walk this unknown road ahead. I hear the Lord tell me its a step by step season. You step with me and I will make a way where there seems to be gaps. Hidden in the gaps are the details that will go beyond what you can think or imagine, so step out my daughter knowing that my intentions are nothing less than good for you. It’s in the unknown that I can show off towards you. So embrace the unknown with great peace because it’s my job to accomplish it all not your job. Its your job to walk as I say but it’s my job to make it all happen!
When we know God’s intentions towards us, there should be no room to question his character and faithfulness. When following him we will live within the known and unknown places of our journeys. It is in that place of mixture that we can chose to live in peace and embrace the fact that regardless of knowing or not knowing that He is the ultimate prize of our lives. He is worthy of it all!