What stirs up your affection for Christ? 

I have been thinking alot about this? When are the moments that I am so stirred in affection for Christ? and when are those moments that “kill” the affections of Christ in my life? 

It has been strange to make myself be aware of these moments. It feels like I am watching my own life and going ohhhh…wow… thats when i’m pumped and these are the moments i feel idle and useless. so I though I would share some of this!

Things that Stir my Affection for Christ:

  • Quiet Time reading the word and praying
  • Thinking about my family
  • Thinking of my friends
  • Journaling
  • Meeting people for coffee
  • Conversations with people (honestly any person)
  • Good Music
  • Taking Pictures 
  • Quotes 

Things that “kill” my affections for Christ

  • Having Idle time 
  • being alone for long amounts of time
  • Religious Rules and Regulations
  • “stale” church services

i’m still learning the things that take away more than add to.. The first list was pretty easy but the second is tending to be a little bit harder Its causing me to really become aware of little things. Its really refreshing and humbling at the same time.