Hey everyone! I am so excited to share this conversation I had with Mike Maeshiro. We chat about what it looks like to follow Jesus in the 21st Century. Mike also has an amazing way to communicate about the spiritual realm without it feeling weird and heavy! He shares about the gift of discernment and how we can use that in our walks with Jesus. From a young age, Mike shares how he has grown in his relationship with Jesus with mentors that have poured into Him. We share a lot about having people pour into and becoming a healthy leader!

Mike’s Instagram : @mikemaeshiro

Over the past 10 years, Mike Maeshiro has supported over 30,000 hungry spirit-filled believers all over the world in the growth and stewardship of their spiritual giftings. Specifically, he teaches the Advanced Ministry Training course “Discerning Spirits” at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM).

Over the last two years, Mike has built a team of Spirit Coaches who guide others in their spiritual growth. Additionally, Mike personally mentors a team of 20 young entrepreneurial followers of Jesus and has been quoted by revivalist influencers like Kris Vallotton, Lisa Bevere, and Bill Vanderbush.